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Hours during the summer

(July 1 to August 31)
From 9am to 7pm
From 9th april to 30 of june and from 1st to 15 of september
from 9 to 12am
from 2pm to 7pm

Reservation recommended on line, by phone n° 0241778956 or by mail at 

At Anjouvéloc,

we have the Accueil Vélo label.




Welcome to the cyclists !


 Hiring bikes, we have also the  camping La Guyonnière.It is is located 3 kms far from the Loire river and the  Loire à Vélo, where you can discover and enjoy the Loire with ease.


As you just make a stop or stay a few days at La Guyonnière, our camping "Accueil Vélo" welcome cyclists with facilities :  



  • a secure bicycle shed,
  • a reception room specially furnished for cyclists equipped with  table, chairs and kitchen area (dishes, stove, microwave),
  • places equipped for cyclists (with picnic table  and bike park)
  • repair equipment ( we are leased/repairer Accueil Vélo),
  • a space to wash and dry your laundry,
  • a jet to wash your bike.





    Step " Accueil Vélo " in  bivouac or Family cabin



    After a day hiking, riding, kayaking... We are sometimes lacking of courage to plant its tent.
    Our solution: the hut bivouac !


    On a shaded place, we propose you to rent two huts bivouac or a Family  cabin. They have each a table and benches downstairs and a comfortable space for two persons upstairs and the Family cabin is equipped to welcome 6 persons..
    Breakfast can be included in the price.


    From 23€ per one person in a  hut bivouac and 46€ for 3 persons in the family caban(without breakfast)






        Step" Accueil Vélo with your tent

    We offer you a place where you can park your bike with picnic table  to take your lunch or write your postal cards.

    You can also use our reception room specially furnished for cyclists to prepare or take your lunch.